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Smart EDU App

Today educational Institutions are facing many challenges and one of the biggest is expensive but ineffective communication with parents. In a world where life runs through smart phones very few parents visit website or read emails let alone Letters. Is there any Solution? Thanks to SMART EDU APP.   SMART EDU APP is an easy to use , simple yet effective solution for institutions and parents. Smart EDU App is a personalised app for Institutions with their logo which will be Available on Apple App Store and Android Play Store.  Parents of students in that Institution can download it for free .  Educational Institution gets a login to dashboard full of features like >Add multiple branch or teacher login. >Bulk upload student data >Send Free individual/bulk notifications And so many of them  Parents verify their child in the app and thats all a parent has to do.  Educational institutions can now send notifications alerts and Parents can now receive instant notification alerts and have upto the minute information on the move. Lets see how easy it is to send and receive notification.  Smart Edu App by Gleam Technologies and Enaayah Software   To find out how Smart Edu App can help you improve communication with parents visit our website http://www.gleamtechnologies.com http://www.enaayah.com

Simply Smart

Smart selection of easy to use features for both parents and the Educational Institutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Smart EDU App


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